As this is your first time using MPN10 take a little time to familiarise yourself with how it works...

1) What is a 'web app'

A web application or web app works just the same way as any other website. This web app allows you to track your symptom scores over time in your preferred browser without the need for any downloads.

2) Select the 'SCORE' option

Click 'SCORE' to rate each of your symptoms from 0 to 10.

3) Score each symptom

The tracker defaults to 0 on your first visit and will calculate your answer as 0 unless you change it. After the first visit it will default to your last saved score setting.

Score Your Symptoms Button

4) Save your symptom score

When you click 'SAVE & CONTINUE' you will be taken to the next symptom. Once all 10 symptoms have a score entered you will be automatically taken to a session review screen.

Score Your Symptoms Button

5) Review your session

Before your scores are submitted and added to your tracker data you can review and edit each individual score.

Score Your Symptoms Button

6) View your scores

Once submitted your session scores are entered into your tracker as the latest vertical column on the right of your chart. On this screen you can see your progress. The tracker defaults to the last 8 sessions submitted but you can scroll sideways through all the data you have ever inputted.

Score Your Symptoms Button

7) What happens to my data?

All symptom history is stored locally within your chosen web browser and will be lost if your cache is cleared.

8) How to save to your device?

Add a shortcut to your smart phone or tablet

To create a shortcut for this web app on your iOS device, tapthen tap Add to Home Screen

To create a shortcut on your Android device, select the Menu button, tag Page, tap Add to Home Screen

Add a shorcut to your home computer or laptop

For Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome select Ctrl+D then choose the location where your bookmark will be saved.

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